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Known Bugs

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:46 am
by Dan deLion
Bugs that we know about but cannot resolve are to be listed here, these are integrated into the game and require Keen to resolve, any work around we discover will be listed with the bug

  • Landing Gear Not Locking - This is an issue with "New" Landing gear and can only be fixed by restarting the server
  • Interior lights no power - Again "New" Lights only and fixed with server restart
  • Tiny World File and missing planets - Unclear what causes this as it doesn't seem to be universal however appears to only be resolvable with Server Restart
  • Tools randomly disappear while using them - found this applies mostly to Ranked welders, easiest fix is to drop and pick back up
  • Ranked Tool looks like standard model - As above main issue with these is the tool disappears/becomes deselected - Drop it and pick it back up to resolve